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Working bees

Working bees are an integral part of club memberships. For decades we have run 3 working bees each year so that the hut can continue to provide all of our members with a safe, comfortable and memorable place to stay. It is important that we all contribute. In recent years it has become more and more difficult to get members to come along to these weekends and it isn't fair to have to rely on the same members to do this extra work.

The weekends are fun, rewarding and also a good opportunity for members to learn more about the running of the hut such as the water tanks, dumping the hut, maintenance and supplies.

Please use the work party booking form or email

Hut fees

Members under 19 years

$15.00 per night.

Members 19 years and over

$20.00 per night.

Members who have not completed a work party

Non-member rate

Non-members under 19 years

$30.00 per night.

Non-members 19 years and over

$40.00 per night.

How to pay

Internet Banking

Please add "booking", your name and booking number to the particulars, code and reference fields.