Terms and Conditions

  • Members who pay the overseas subscription rate do not have booking rights.
  • Members who are not financial (who haven’t paid their sub) do not have booking rights.
  • You may only hold two bookings at one time.
  • Minimum booking of 2 nights over weekends.
  • In August and September there is a limit of 10 per party.
  • All members may take non-member guests subject to available bunk space.
  • Non-members may not be booked in the school holidays. The booking officer may make an exception to this rule if a booking is made within a week of the required dates and there is enough space.
  • Any member taking non-members is responsible for them.
  • Members’ children: minimum 3 years of age, except for pre-school week.
  • Non-members’ children: minimum 5 years of age, except for pre-school week.

Refunds for cancellations

To qualify for a refund, you must notify the booking officer of your cancellation at least 3 days before the first day of your booking.


  • Make sure bookings are paid in full within 2 weeks of making the booking otherwise, unfortunately, the booking will be lost.
  • Pay by Internet Banking. 
  • Please add "booking", your name and booking number to the particulars, code and reference fields.