It is traditional that Puketoi users share their provisions and live and cook in a communal manner. There are no organized duties or rosters. However, it is the Hut Officer’s responsibility to see that these guidelines are followed.

  • Users must leave the hut clean and tidy.
  • All rubbish is to be removed daily.
  • Keep the kitchen tidy at all times,
  • Load and empty dishwasher as necessary and empty it before your departure.
  • You may be required to share a room (or a bunk!).
  • No boots or wet clothing to be worn in the carpeted area.
  • Skis/Snowboards must be placed in the racks provided.
  • Lockers are available to rent.
  • On the day of your departure, complete the cleaning of the hut and vacate your bunkroom by 10:00AM. If you want to store your luggage for the day, use the rock room.
  • Please remove perishables from the fridge before departure.
  • Report any shortages, damage or breakages to the Hut Officer.
  • Before you leave the hut ask the Hut Officer if there is anything to be done.


Absolutely no smoking in the hut. Please dispose of butts carefully — do not put them in the snow as they will have to be picked up when the snow has melted.


The Hut relies entirely on rain water which is collected during the summer. During the ski season when usage is greatest it mostly snows, so water must be conserved at all times. Use your common sense — if you see others wasting water, tell them!


Only flush when necessary.


Use the plug in the basins at all times. Don’t leave the tap running when washing teeth.


  • No more than one shower per day
  • A maximum of two minutes
  • Please do not shower on the day you leave.


The club provides

  • mattresses and pillows
  • cooking utensils
  • toilet paper
  • detergent
  • cleaning materials
  • tea towels
  • tea, coffee, milo
  • sugar
  • flour
  • cooking oil
  • salt and pepper

What to bring to the hut

  • pillow slips
  • sleeping bags
  • towels and toiletries
  • adequate clothing for cold wet conditions
  • all food including milk and refreshments, except as above (see the suggested meal plan)
  • any medications

Bring food and drinks you would expect to use during your stay. Do not expect others to provide for you. A phone call to the Hut (07 8923854) before you leave for Puketoi will avoid some shortages and over-supplies. 

Closed days

To keep the Hut in the good condition and to teach our children the importance of all helping out here is a list of jobs that may help to fill in time: 

  • Clean the windows in all bunk rooms, wiping down the outside of the window frames to ensure the mould does not build up
  • Give the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen a good clean out - throw out any old food and wash down the inside of the drawers
  • Clean out the filters in the expel air in the kitchen
  • Wipe down the walls in the bathrooms and toilets
  • Vacuum underneath the bunks, lifting the mattresses
  • Clean out the upstairs cupboard of any left over grog