Avalanche Risk

Outside of operational hours, when lifts are closed or on hold, the avalanche hazard is not managed.

If you are moving through the ski area outside of operational hours, you are responsible for your own safety, including assessing the avalanche conditions and rescue.

Explosives are used for avalanche control at any time during the winter. If you are venturing out when the lifts aren't yet open, especially during or just after recent snowfall call Customer Relations on 07 8924000 and ask them to check if ski patrol is carrying out avalanche control. For everyone's safety we don’t want people walking / skiing / snowboarding in vicinity of explosive use.

Remember, avalanche conditions can change very fast and there is lots of avalanche terrain in the immediate surroundings of all club huts. Keep this in mind when moving to and from Puketoi and other huts, especially during and after storms. Club members at Whakapapa have been caught in and buried by avalanches while approaching their huts in the past. Don’t let it happen to you!

For current backcountry avalanche conditions check the latest advisory for the Tongariro region at www.avalanche.net.nz

In the event of an avalanche incident outside of operational hours, call 111 Police.