Fire wardens

The Hut Officer of the day shall appoint a fire warden who shall be responsible for fire safety in the hut. The hut officer shall become his floor warden. The fire warden’s name shall be noted on the hut occupancy sheet held by the hut officer. The hut officer must ensure the occupancy sheet is accurate.

Fire warden duties

  1. Ensure the bunk room occupancy notice board accurately records people and numbers in each bunk room. It’s a good idea to take a photo of the whiteboard (with your phone) so that you have a record in case of evacuation.
  2. Ensure members are familiar with the evacuation procedure as described on the notice in the bunk rooms.
  3. Ensure members are familiar with the location of the fire extinguishers.
  4. During and after a heavy snow storm, ensure the doors and windows that are fire exits are dug out and kept clear.

In the event of the alarm sounding

  1. Telephone 111.
  2. State “Fire”.
  3. Name the hut: Puketoi Mountain Club.
  4. Location: Iwikau Village, Top of the Bruce Road, Mount Ruapehu. In Tongariro Natonal Park. If asked, Bruce road is off state highway 48.
  5. Ensure all occupants evacuate to the assembly point (corner of the track, Tennant’s valley, or Tongariro Hut) and separate into their bunk room groups.
  6. Carry out a head count to ensure all occupants are present.
  7. If someone is missing, instruct the floor warden to do a search of all the rooms, if the situation allows.
  8. Establish the location and size of the fire and if no information is available, do a search of the hut.
  9. Decide if any attempt is to be made to extinguish the fire and if it is safe to do so, then delegate duties to members to fight the fire.
  10. Once the incident (drill, false alarm or fire) is over and if it is safe to re-enter the hut, give permission for re-entry.
  11. Write a report on the incident, noting times and any actions or decisions taken.

Trial Evacuation

The fire warden will:

  1. Telephone fire communications 04 801 0812 to book in the trial evacuation in 1⁄2 hour’s time.
  2. At the booked time, telephone 111.
  3. State:
    This is a trial evacuation.
    Puketoi Mountain Club
    IwikauVillage, Top of the Bruce Road (off state highway 48)
    Mt Ruapehu
  4. Activate the alarm
  5. Put the key into the Trial Evacuation key hole in the monitor box just inside the back door.
  6. Turn on the alarm by turning the key.
  7. Follow the evacuation procedure.