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New limitations on Bruce Rd access on Friday nights

Last Friday night there were several vehicle incidents on the Bruce Road resulting in callouts to police and the roading contractor for recovery.

Remember that weather and road conditions on the Bruce Road can change within minutes, especially after dark. Better to engage 4WD and/or fit chains before heading into sub-zero temperatures or think again before choosing to travel up. Any road recovery in the future is very likely to cost a lot more than a set of chains or family accommodation in a hotel at Whakapapa or National Park.

The Road Control Authority (DOC),  will be limiting Bruce Rd access on Friday nights:

“We, DOC, would appreciate more consideration for the dangers with arriving late at night up the Bruce Rd including what appears to be a lack of preparedness for the conditions. We appreciate this does not apply to everyone however it does raise concern for DOC in managing the Bruce Rd. We will therefore be placing limitations on Bruce Rd access. The uphill barrier will not be manned after 6pm and will be closed on Friday nights when snow or bad weather is expected. Closing of the road will apply to club patrons wanting to travel up with the health and safety of travellers being a priority. An appropriate safety message will be displayed on the variable-message signs by the golf course, at the barrier and on RAL’s website. Club patrons will need to arrive at a more appropriate time during these poor weather conditions and demonstrate winter safe road practices. A call out and recovery fee will be applied by the roading contractor to cover their response costs.”