RAL Watershed meeting postponed

PwC Partner and Voluntary Administrator of RAL, John Fisk talked to Kathryn Ryan on RNZ in late April to explain that they wanted to extend the watershed meeting until 30th November 2023. 

However, the watershed meeting has been postponed to 13 June 2023. See the PwC website for more information about Ruapehu Alpine Lifts Limited (Administrators Appointed).

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is reviewing four bids  to purchase the Whakapapa and Turoa. One of those bids is from Ruapehu Skifields Stakeholders Association (RSSA) which wants to have a community ownership structure and governance model. They would crowdfund from life pass holders and the wider snow community.

Sir Edmund Hillary’s son, Peter is stepping up to front the crowdfunding campaign and has become the founding patron of the RSSA. If you wish to support this, join the RSSA now.

It's looking positive that Whakapapa and Turoa will operate for the 2023 winter season, although there is still a lot of uncertainty around the future of RAL.